Dr. Michael Shapow

Dr. Michael Shapow, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Mike Shapow had been leading the path of new trends in the approach to physical therapy for over 30 years. Graduate of USC Physical therapy program, Mike continues to lecture on new treatments in physical rehabilitation, and aquatic therapy. Collaborator of "Healing the Hip" with Aquatic Therapy, Mike is accredited with developing treatment protocols for orthopedic, and neural muscular disorder treatments with aquatic therapy and Scenar therapy. Mike currently heads the "The Wellness Group" as he integrates 30 years of experience and new cutting-edge technologies and disciplines all incorporated in each facility.

Dr. Shapow is one of just a few cutting-edge leaders in aquatic rehabilitation. He has over 30 years of experience with aquatic rehabilitation which provides a safe, comfortable environment for a wide variety of patients to recover their quality of life.

He has even written two chapters in the popular book Heal Your Hips which is avaliable at Amazon.com.

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