A Guided Comprehensive Wellness Program

The Restart is a comprehensive program that brings a suite of our therapies together into a custom treatment plan. These can include acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic, and other manual therapies, nutrition and food counseling. Each custom Restart program is designed to help you get back to a healthier you.

Each Restart program begins with a mandatory health assessment and goal evaluation with one of our staff primary care providers who would then become your Evolution Wellness Team Leader. Your team leader will work with you to determine your relevant healthcare needs and then they will prescribe a custom Restart treatment plan designed just for you.

Your custom treatment plan may include:
  • One or a combination of our therapies including - include acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic, and other manual therapies
  • Food Counseling (healthy meal preparation counseling)
  • Guided nutritional/health supplementation
  • Guided whole body cleanse
  • A guided fast/Reduced caloric diet
  • Juice/meal delivery

The Restart Program is only available to Evolution Holistic Healthcare clients who are already enrolled in a treatment plan and under the care of one of our staff primary care providers and who have been assessed as “in need” of the program. Once your Evolution staff primary care provider has diagnosed and assessed your need for the program, they will then develop your custom Restart treatment plan and incorporate that into your existing treatment plan.

We do not bill insurance for the nutritional/health supplements, or the juice/meal deliver. The Restart Program does not include Nutrition Coaching, Food Coaching, or any other service; however, we can suggest Nutrition and Food Coaches to you.

All of our available therapeutic services are delivered through carefully developed custom treatment plans, and each custom treatment plan begins with carefully considered an in-person healthcare evaluation and goal assessment with one of our staff primary care providers. Yoga Therapy and Pilates Therapy, along with some other therapies offered by Evolution Holistic Healthcare, are performed as physical therapies and / or manual therapies and are performed by or under the direct supervision of a qualified and licensed healthcare practitioner.

We are evolving wellness into lifestyle
We accept most major healthcare insurance plans. Check now to see if your plan covers you for our services.
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