Gil Cruz

Gil Cruz

Massage Therapist

Gil has always been drawn to the intricate relationships between the physical, emotional, and energetic aspects of the body. Gil is inspired by how these seemingly disparate parts of an identity coalesce into the embodied history of an individual. This is the fundament of Gil's theory and perspective. It informs the manner in which he approaches a person who comes to his table; Gil is aware that he is interacting with the the tangible, and still evolving, biography of an individual. Gil's goal is always to meet that story within the body and as it is at that moment in time. He strives to create a safe environment for the individual, and to allow the story of that person to direct his treatment.

Gil's skill set is founded in over 20 years' experience working and teaching. He also has more than 4000 hours of additional personal training in both Eastern and Western modalities.

Gil shares that "We are constantly in a state of change wanting and needing to occur. Our resistance to that change, at whatever level, conscious or subconscious, is, in my opinion, what brings us to a state of dis-ease. I have personally experienced the benefits of how both a Western and Eastern approach complement each other. Both are present and supportive of each other in my work. Each story is a new experience.”

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